Fleet Management


Our Fleet tracking System and solutions allow you to manage your fleets and resources more effectively and helps you make timely decision based on timely reports. fleet owner get access to real-time vehicle location data , behavior- based alert information (speeding, acceleration and breaking), fuel consumption update, idle time tracking, trip reporting, vehicle usage behavior and vehicle diagnostic information.  

Easy Management of reminders and Maintenance. The system offer regular maintenance reminders which results in reducing the vehicle downtime and serious maintenance issues

School Bus Tracking


Knowing where your buses are is comforting, but getting accurate information that drives solid business decisions is empowering. This is Our proprietary software platform that integrates information from the bus, the route and the driver to provide greater insight into the transportation operation, and to support data-driven decisions that enhance student safety, cost savings and community satisfaction.

Tracking a School Bus is a matter of caring for child safety whilst on their daily journeys to and from school, as well as on School excursions and trips. For safety and security conscious parents and schools, our solution is the answer that provides both comfort and peace of mind.

Fuel Monitoring


Fuel Monitoring requires advanced vehicle tracker with sensor or without without sensors that gets you live fuel insights, fuel levels, fuel amount and also helps you to identify fuel refill. the fuel monitoring device also offers you to prevent low fuel or emergency refilling and thus bringing a great level of efficiency to your management.

Reduce 30% fuel cost 

Efficient fuel management not only reduce the fuel consumption, but helps the operator to make significant saving.

Fuel Theft Protection

Real-time fuel Monitoring helps fleet manager to reduce the risk of fuel theft of their fleets.

Temperature Monitoring


Monitor & Track in real time the location and temperature of every refrigerated truck or trailer within your fleet. it enables the cost cost-effective monitoring control and  compliance for refrigerator and freezer vehicles, trailers and refrigerated containers and brings an unparalleled set of temperature monitoring and tracking features and efficiency to any size operation.

Constant temperature visibility & Control

Real- time temperature Monitoring allows central on site truck temperatures and can allow easy verification that proper temperatures were proper maintained throughout journey.

Full Integration with Fleet system

Seamless integration with our GPS enabling proactive fleet management & reporting through our fleet management software 

Milk Collection


Any discrepancy in the transportation operation will cost Dairies a lot and also their reputation in the market will be at stake.Most of the dairies will operate by outsourcing entire or part of the transportation vehicles so that they can concentrate on their core business than to worry about fleet management.

From processing plant, packed milk is then transported to Sales office/ Regions in Insulated/Refrigerated Trucks. Again at Sales Office/Region Milk is then distributed to the different route in the region in smaller trucks or autos to milk sales agents.On top of intensive transportation operations, timing and efficiency very important for a dairy for effective sales and customer service.

Safety & Security


A GPS Tracking system has many uses in today's world, as it offers an additional layers of security for your loved once like your kids,family, your pets, for whom you have been concerned. it also allows true real-time tracking, using the most reliable and precise GPS pet/cattle tracking device to monitor your dog or cat on your smartphones.

Panic Switch 

If the person with the tracking device/ app is in danger ,then he/she can press the SOS or panic button ,to Inform the tracker about it send complete location details.

Reduce Fuel/Vehicle theft risks

An efficient GPS Tracking system stops attempts of thefts of fuel as well as vehicles and also avoid fuel wastage.